About MLO


Merah Law Office adheres to the highest standards of integrity and honesty. An experienced approach coupled with a genuine passion to help people is what differentiates MLO. Due to the diverse background of our team, we are able to apply a well-rounded perspective to any challenge. 

Simply put, we go the extra mile because we care.



We treat your matter with the seriousness it deserves. This means attention to detail, proactive thinking and tenacious determination to get you results.


Being unable to get a hold of counsel is frustrating. We strive to be always be available when you need our help.s


Practicing law on two continents has imbued us with certain insights. In Alberta however, we do have substantial experience in all levels of the court system.


We don't do hidden fees or hold back information. We'll always provide updates as the situation develops.

Frequently Asked Questions

All information revealed to your attorney in confidence in order to obtain legal services is privileged - and therefore confidential. However, any information that is not privileged may be disclosed under certain circumstances. Either way, we will make sure to explain the difference to you as clearly as possible before the fact.

Charges fall into three categories: legal fees, disbursements and miscellaneous.

Legal fees are what we charge for services rendered.

Disbursements are payments provided to third parties on the client's behalf.

Miscellaneous fees are costs incurred for non-legal services such as stationery costs or printing. 

A trust account is a separate bank account designated for money held in trust for clients.

They operate under very strict standards set forth by the Law Society of Alberta, which we follow to the letter.

Absolutely not. You are often better served to seek legal representation in order to receive the largest payout possible. 

We will deal directly with the insurance company as well as the other party's representation.

An experienced real estate lawyer will protect your interests, ensure that the transaction proceed smoothly, and expedite the closing.

A last will and testament will cover the following:

  • Nominating the executors and beneficiaries.
  • Listing your assets and liabilities and how you'd like them distributed.
  • Whether you'd prefer cremation or interment.
  • Establishing certain procedures to reduct the tax burden on your heirs.