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At MLO Criminal Defence Lawyers, we firmly believe in upholding the rights of every individual, regardless of the circumstances surrounding their criminal charge. Our mission is to provide a fair and reasonable court hearing while preserving your freedom and rights. With dedication and expertise, our experienced team will handle your case meticulously, leaving no avenue unexplored to protect your rights and ensure a just outcome.


In case of arrest, you may be taken to a Justice of the Peace for a judicial interim release or bail hearing, where it will be determined whether you should be released or detained until your trial.

Under specific circumstances, the onus is on you to demonstrate why release is warranted. Should the Justice decide in favour of your release, certain conditions might apply.

However, if your bail application is denied, you will remain in custody until the trial or until the Court issues a subsequent order. It is essential to assess the need for legal representation during the bail hearing, and we are ready to provide assistance if required.

Mental Health Court

The Mental Health Diversion program helps address the over-representation of people with mental illness in the justice system by focusing on underlying mental health problems that often contribute to repeated criminal behaviour. You do not have to tackle this alone; the MLO team can help.

Record Suspension

A record suspension permits those who have been convicted of a crime but have served their sentence and proved that they are law-abiding citizens for a specified number of years to have their criminal record maintained distinct and apart from other criminal records.

An individual's criminal history is effectively erased from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database when their record is suspended. In other words, a CPIC search will not turn up the person's criminal past.

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