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Moving to and getting situated in a new country is almost a full time job. Merah Law Office is comprised of individuals who know this process intimately, having undertaken this process themselves. 

We’ve represented clients from all over the world in Canadian citizenship, immigration and refugee law. 

No matter your personal situation, you deserve representation that understands what you’re going through on a deep level. You deserve Merah Law. 



Whether you've been deemed inadmissible to Canada due to medical or criminal reasons, misrepresentation, or have been slated for deportation, we can help you.

Permanent Residence

We help you and your loved ones gain access to Canada through express entry, and family sponsorship, in addition to caregiver or refugee grounds.

Temporary Residence

Whether you're looking to hire foreign workers and need an LMIA, or are facing a citizenship or passport refusal/revocation, we can help you.

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